Bristol Honeyshow
& Festival
Bristol Honeyshow & Festival
26 & 27 August 2023


Provisional Schedule of Classes

Draft Schedule available for download.

Honeycombe Farm


Points will be awarded in each as follows: 1st place - 7 points, 2nd place - 4 points, 3rd place - 2 point

Prizes in all classes: 1st place - £7, 2nd place - £4, 3rd place - £2

Entry fee: £1 per entry up to a maximum of £5 for all classes entered

Bristol Silver Queen Trophy will be awarded to the entrant gaining the highest number of points from classes 1 to 16 inclusive.

Bristol Bronze Queen will be awarded to the runner-up of the winner of the Silver Queen.

Winners of the each of the above trophies will receive a special Bristol Blue Glass prize to take home. The trophies cannot be taken away. An award will also be given to the ‘Best in Show’ from any class.

Class 20: Classic Honey Fruit Cake Recipe

This class allows you to make a honey cake to your recipe of choice, which must be written on paper/card beside the cake. This will be judged by a small panel of members of the public, on set criteria:

Presentation on a paper plate inside a plastic bag.

Class 21: Honey Fudge Instructions

Show a minimum of 10 pieces inside a clear plastic bag on a paper plate. MUST contain Honey, must NOT contain chocolate. Recipe used to be written on card alongside display for the judge. (Show inside a clear plastic bag on a flat white paper plate.)

Busy hive entrance