& Festival
Honeyshow & Festival
1 & 2 September 2018


Silver Queen TrophyD Capon
Bronze Queen TrophyC & M Gullick
Best in ShowC Gullick
Class 1: Two Jars of Light Honey
1stC Morton
2ndE Gillespie
3rdC & M Gullick
Class 2: Two Jars, Medium Honey
1stM Gate
2ndD Capon
3rdD Gillard
Class 3: Two Jars of Dark Honey
1stD Gillard (Excellence Commendation)
2ndS Carter
Class 4: Naturally Crystallised Honey
No Prizes Awarded
Class 5: Soft Set Honey
1stD Capon
2ndNot awarded
3rdA Lewis
Class 6: Two Jars Heather Honey
No Entries
Class 7: One Container of Cut Comb min. wt. 180 g
1stD Capon
2ndA Lewis
3rdA Fleet-Chapman
Class 8: Shallow Comb of Honey for Extraction
1stC & M Gullick
2ndD Capon
3rdA Lewis
Highly CommendedP Rogers
Class 9: One Jar of Honey, TASTE ONLY
1stD Thorne
2ndD Capon
3rdC Morton
Highly CommendedD Gillard and E Gillespie
Class 10: One Cake of Beeswax 220g – 280g
1stC & M Gullick
2ndC Morton
3rdS Carter
Class 11: 3 x 28g Blocks Beeswax
1stD Capon
2ndC & M Gullick
3rdD Gillard
Class 12: Two matching Beeswax Candles
1stQ Alsop
2ndS Carter
3rdD Capon
Class 13: Decorative Beeswax Item
1stC Gullick (Best in Show)
2ndS Carter
Class 14: One Bottle of Mead – Dry
1stNot awarded
2ndS Carter
3rdD Gillard
Class 15: One Bottle of Mead – Sweet
No Prizes Awarded
Class 16: Novice – two jars of liquid honey
1stE Gillespie
2ndN Campbell
3rdC Irvine
Highly CommendedD & P Thorne
Class 17: Art illustrating Beekeeping
1stP Thorne (Excellence Commendation)
2ndC & M Gullick
Class 18: Mounted Photograph on a Beekeeping Subject
1stK Andrews
2ndP Thorne
3rdN Campbell
Class 19: Honey Fruit Cake
1stA Lewis
2ndH Dann
3rdP Thorne
Highly CommendedP Rogers
Class 20: Honey Fudge
1stA Fleet-Chapman
2ndE Irvine
3rdH Dann

Winner of the Silver Queen, David Capon

Silver Queen Trophy

Bronze Queen Trophy

Bristol Botanical Gardens

Bees on new wax

Busy hive entrance