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Bristol Beekeepers
Bristol Branch of Avon Beekeepers Association
registered charity number 271717
Frame inspection
Bristol Honeyshow
Frame inspection
Bristol Honeyshow


We run a range of events ranging from apiary days to talks by guest speakers. Please check the calendar to see when events are running and what we are up to.

Please note that not all events are open to non members. If you are unsure please contact us to find out more information including how to become a member.

Bristol Beekeepers Calendar


Pollen comes in many varied colours. As you rollover the chart the name, colour and image if available will appear in a floating window. The colours are only a guide as computer monitors vary in viewable colours. The chart gives an idea of the time of year you may see the pollen. Use the buttons above to change seasons. We would recommend a commercially printed chart to take into the field.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us about joining our association any other related beekeeping questions and queries.

We are a small organisation so we may not always be able to respond to emails quickly so please be patient.

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